October 16-20, 2017, is National School Bus Safety Week.

The theme of the week this year is “STOP ON RED!”

During School Bus Safety Week, Rolling V Bus Corp. advises, all motorists to remember that New York State Vehicle and Traffic law Section 1174, requires motorists to stop for a school bus that has stopped and engaged its red flashing lights along with its STOP arms.

The red lights on top of the bus, indicate that children will be boarding the bus or departing the bus and their safety depends on motorists stopping to let them proceed.

School buses are the safest vehicles on the road, and one of the safest modes of transportation overall. In fact, children are much safer traveling in school buses than in any other vehicle, whether they’re going to or from school, a field trip, or a sporting event. They’re even safer riding in a school bus than in a car with their parents.

Our school buses are driven by women and men who are specifically trained to keep our children safe on their way to school and back each day. All NYS School bus drivers achieve a federal Commercial Drivers’ License and are then trained specifically to transport children on school buses. School bus drivers are trained, tested and retrained on a regular basis according to local and federal laws. In accordance with those laws, they are also subjected to medical physicals, criminal background reviews, drug and alcohol testing and physical performance testing on a prescribed basis.

All that professionalism and preparation does not alleviate the fact that motorists on our roads fail to STOP for stopped school buses on a frighteningly frequent basis. In New York State, it is estimated that there are more than 50,000 incidents of motorists passing stopped school buses every day! This presents terrifying risks for our children who are standing or walking alone outside their school bus believing that adult motorists will do the right thing.

So as a reminder from Rolling V, when you see those RED lights flashing and the stop signs come out….PLEASE….think of the children. STOP and wait for the children to get to or from their bus stop safely.