Historic Bus

Rolling V traces its origins to the hard work and dedication of Eddie and Tony Vallone. Ed and Tony were the owners of Parkway Bus Service, which provided school bus and event transportation services to New York City school children. Parkway merged with two other lines, Columbia Bus Service and Syken Coach Services, to form Pioneer Bus Corporation in 1954.

Pioneer grew to provide commuter bus services, in addition to its core school bus service. By the 1970’s, Pioneer was one of the largest privately held bus service firms in New York. Pioneer’s success was based upon a customer service ethic — long before it became fashionable — and an eye towards innovation. For example, Pioneer provided commuter bus service where municipal buses or subways did not run, and created charter service to regional sport facilities from under-served areas like Staten Island.

Ed Vallone’s children, Linda, Phil, and Ed, continue the tradition of service and innovation for a new generation of passengers.